A journey of a life time

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Hyunah Kim is a well-traveled artist with a background in English literature. She initially graduated from a university in Seoul and then embarked on a journey across Europe, where she pursued her passion for fashion and became a makeup artist in Paris. In Vienna, she met the artist painter Axel, who served as inspiration for her debut novel. She finally settled down in Antibes, French Riviera, where she enjoys a seaside lifestyle. She has a deep love for animals, particularly sea turtles and horses, and has a talent for playing the classical piano and indulging in various artistic endeavours.
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My passion

  • Saving the sea turtles: Ever since I met my first turtle in Seychelles, I have done some volunteering in saving the sea turtles, especially in Yakushima island in Japan.
  • Playing classical piano: eternal love for music 🎶since I was 5 years old.
  • Food and wine: how could I not? I lived in France for 20 years 😋
  • Traveling: I am quite well traveled. It would be easier to count the countries I haven’t been, than the countries I have been 😜
  • Learning foreign languages: I speak French, English, Korean, a little bit of German and Italian…and more to learn…

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