Dammi Mille Baci

Vienna Calling is based on a true story that happened to me when I lived in Vienna a long time ago. It is a story that I had buried deep inside of me. Had it not been for the pandemic and the death of my father thrown at me in the middle of it, I would not have written the story. When my father passed away, and I couldn't even attend his funeral, I suffered a period of depression, and it opened a scar, an old wound that I could never get over, even after all these years. And that was it.
I started writing about my encounter with a mysterious young artist I had met in Vienna and how it had positively changed and influenced my life.
What is art? How does one become an artist? Those are among the questions I asked in my story. I found it strangely therapeutic to write this story, and I want to share it with you. It will be my greatest pleasure to see people read my book and share my ideologies. Although it is based on true events, I got liberal with a few details and let my imagination carry me away. I made it my mission to make the story compelling. After all, I can't have my readers bored for the sake of realism, can I?
Since this happened in the culturally rich and diverse Austrian capital, you will uniquely discover Vienna through my eyes and memories. The story also reflects the multi-cultural aspects of Europe, with its different languages. I hope the translations to the languages I used aren't too limited, but I'm sure you'll find it quite easy to understand. You may even end up practising a new foreign language! Thank you all so much.
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