Last Updated July 28, 2011
Today the multitasking approach for embedded development is robust and effective. The demo projects published in this site are the code base of many projects I followed with success ( and a little lucky! :-). So, what is the next step for the embedded world? Looking at the today MCU and imagining the roadmaps for the next years, I think that Object Oriented (OO) approach is the answer.

This demo shows how to use a set of C++ class to build a multitasking application on top of FreeRTOS.

Last Modified July 28, 2011


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The Open Development Environment for embedded application (ODeV) is the next evolution of my previous Eclipse based demo projects. In the last years I used Eclipse as my default IDE for firmware development (mainly on STM32 microcontroller). I discovered many Eclipse’s powerful features and plug-ins. Now is the time to organize and share this experience.

This project is focused on the development process. It shows how to set up a powerful and flexible IDE for embedded application on Windows, Linux and Mac. Today ODeV is one of the few cross platform development environment for embedded application!.

Last Modified February 23, 2011

This demo is a port of the standard FreeRTOS demo running on STM3210E-EVAL board.

Last Modified May 14, 2011

This demo is simple blinking led application running on STM3220G-EVAL board. It aims to provide a simple and ready to use template in order to start building more powerful application based on the STM32 F-2 series.

Last Modified May 22, 2011


A framework for low power multitasking embedded application. is the result of the last several years of developing applications for STM32.

Last Modified January 10, 2019


This demo show how to integrate the open source project FatFS in the ODeV framework. FatFs is a generic FAT file system module for small embedded systems. The FatFs is written in compliance with ANSI C and completely separated from the disk I/O layer. Therefore it is independent of hardware architecture.

Last Modified July 7, 2011

The embedded platforms like smart-phone, e-book and net-book use many digital sensors to provide a modern and amazing user experience. STMicroelectronics STEVAL-MKI062V2 is a good platform to explore this class of embedded application.

Why don't use the multitasking approach to discover the sensors world?

Last Modified July 22, 2011